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LVN license by endorsement California

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I am currently an LPN in Illinois. On March 21, 2017, I submitted all requested documentation to California Nursing Board. They received my application but have not yet cashed the check for $199. Does anyone know how long the process typically takes? I'm not planning to move until late fall, but I am anxious about the process.

Thank you!

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I hope this helps. I am a CA LVN and recently got endorsement to another state. I mailed the endorsement form on January 2 and they didn't process it until the middle of March. It took 10 weeks just for them to sign and mail the endorsement letter. I was going nuts. I even thought they might have lost it, so I submitted another one online and paid again. Very frustrating, compared to the state I'm moving to, which processed my application and had a temporary license for me in ONE week. Hang in there and good luck in CA.

Thank you, that is very helpful! It sounds like maybe I need to move to your new state instead:)


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California is a mess! Plan on everything taking wayyyyy longer than you expected. It's been this way for awhile now. Just to be "safe" I would budget about 2-3 month delay on paperwork.

Thank you, I'll update when they cash my check, after that I'm guessing a good 3 months before I hear anything.

Today is 4/26/17 and my check was cashed by tbe nursing board. Hopefully within 10 more weeks everything will be processed. Fingers X.

It's the most difficult thing to wait for so long but it is time taking process