lvn to adn or lvn to bsn online?


anybody can help me please if anybody knows some online nursing program


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Excelcior College seems to be the most popular online program and they have bridge programs. Be forwarned though, not all states will accept this education, so do your research first.

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How in the world are you planning to become a nurse - profession based upon physical interactions with human beings, where hands-on skills are critically important - by interacting with a computer? C'mon, get serious.

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There are some online RN-to-BSN programs, but none for LPN/LVN-to-RN. You, as an LPN/LVN, would need to have actual practice in the RN role as a student learner for a BSN or ADN in nursing.

No, the manipulative skills you may do as an LPN/LVN are not remotely enough. We have all heard (ad nauseam) that LPNs "can do" anything RNs do already, and if you think this is true now nothing I say will change your mind. But when/if you do, in fact, complete a genuine RN education, then you'll understand why that is false.