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I'm considering the Luzerne County Community College LPN-to-RN program (Nanticoke, PA). It's known for being really though (think it's the 2nd or 3rd best program in the state or something). I wonder how it might be different for an LPN vs. a traditional student. There's a weekender program for students who are already nurses, also a night program. Does anyone know how long it make take doing it that way vs. the regular day time program? I know I'll be able to test out of at least 16 credits, and transfer others from an unrelated Bachelor's degree that i have, but there's not much info about it on their website.

Any LPNs that have done this program? Or any students that went there, or are there now, that know of LPNs in their class and what they've said about it?

I appreciate the feedback! :p

i am 19 and go there now and have been for 2 years trying to get into their nursing program as a regular student without being an LPN. I know of people who have gone there as a LPN already and they say it is hard especially if you have another job and kids. I would suggest making sure all of your general courses like a&p and stuff are out of the way because i heard it is impossiable to try and take thoes classes while taking like a 9 credit clinical course. I would say since your an LPN and basically have a spot in th nursing program there to go for it. In two years or less youll come out being an RN for only around 2 grand a semester compared to a university where it could be 24 grand. My fathers aunt went to lccc many many years ago as a LPN to RN program at night but she was working full time with kids to take care of and said it was very hard so i think she just stayed as a LPN i am not quiet sure but if you plan your schedual out right i am sure youll do fine

also the gen ed health science counselors email in [email protected] her name is jennifer vangilder, she might be able to answer some of your questions if you shoot her an email...Good luck!

Im at LCCC now, and I pray getting into the nursing program for the fall. It is very challenging. It will only take 2 years, but because of that all information is crammed into a short period of time. I know a few LPNS at LCCC, attempting to get into the program, and didn't because they didn't have As in their A&P courses.

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