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I am about to graduate from nursing school this may and was wondering if anyone knows how competitive it is to get accepted into Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago's RN internship/new grad program? It has been a dream of mine to work there and was curious how many people they accept.


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I have heard from other nurses in Chicago that it is decently competitive although I am not too familiar as I went to nursing school in Florida! Just applied for the September cohort with PICU and gen med/pulm/ID as my top choices! Has anyone else applied?

I applied To CCU and PICU. I heard it’s very very competitive but fingers crossed! I did my peds rotation there and met a lot of nurses who were hired through the residency and they said it was an awesome program!

I also just applied to PICU & gen med/pulm/ID. Fingers crossed!!

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Does anyone know when we will hear if our status on whether or not we have an interview?

I hope soon...I’m assuming in the next few weeks since they closed the application last night!!

I applied for the May cohort (our cohort was pushed back to start in September as well due to Covid so we will all be together) and was offered a position! I only got 1 interview out of the 2 units I applied to. For my unit, I was offered an interview only 2 weeks before the actual interview (it was also a few weeks after the application had closed) and then heard back a little less than two weeks after my interview (they told me that timeframe at the end of the interview and thats for every unit) when I was offered the position. I heard that different units contact at different times before the interview too! if anybody has any questions you can always ask me ?

Ooo CONGRATS! That's awesome, and super good to know about the timelines. My app still says received submission so I wonder if they're still looking at internal apps.

@nursesh1414 That's awesome!! CONGRATS! What unit will you be starting on? How many people are in your cohort? Thank you so much for letting us know!!

CONGRATS @nursesh1414 and thank you for the info! ? Has anyone heard back about an interview yet?

I haven't heard anything yet!

Me neither!! Hopefully soon ??

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