any luck with CABON to those who have graduated outside the US?

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Hi everyone!

so, i applied for the NCLEX RN in the state of Cali since i live here. but i am just trying my luck. i submitted my application last year around May, and got a first response from the analyst after almost 2 months and he was asking for a ton of requirements directly from my school, which includes the Transcripts of records, educational background from, cases, RLE summary and the whatnot. and my school just completed it and have sent it to them just this June and they have received it according to the tracking thing online. so i called my analyst and let him know that the school have already acquired the requirements needed and it was already mailed and received. he said he wont be able to receive it and read it until for about 4-6weeks. and i was like wow!! that is too long.. but anyway, i just want to know if anyone in here have any luck in passing through the CABON despite of the concurrency issue going on?????? i know most of the applicants who graduated outside from the US especially those who have acquired their Nursing degree in the Philippines have been denied. but you know, i just want some positive vibes hahaha because i have too much of the negative ones already..

anyway i am from the batch 2013.

thank you! and God bless us!

hoping to hear from you all.


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Hi same here my school just submitted the addtl docs last may 2016. Lets update each other


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hey! i still do not have any update with my application. and it has expired already last july 7 2016. i tried calling my analyst and he said it will be reviewed 4-6 weeks after the documents have been received. and its been a month already since it was received. so i dont really know whats going on and what to expect.. maybe i will just prepare for the worst.. anyway please do email me @

[email protected]

i will be waiting. thank you and Good luck with your application.

best of luck,


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