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Just wanted to vent a little. Ive been a nurse for one year and 2 weeks, happy anniversary to me. First off I absolutely LOVE nursing. It think it has made me a better person and changed my worldview in such an interesting way. I always wanted to be a nurse and I feel so lucky to have this chance to work as one. The difference I feel I can make with my patients is what keeps me going. With that being said.... Whoa!! What a tough job!! I was working 3-11 on a long term care floor and just moved from the area so started 7-3 on a dementia floor at a new facility. i was so relieved to be starting as a not BRAND NEW nurse, but nothing easy about a new facility. getting used to policies and procedures, new patients, and the demands of day shift. not to mention that I'm still quite new and am developing my confidence in nursing. I've been feeling totally overwhelmed and I do feel that I have support I can turn to which is good, but I just wonder if I'll ever be at the point where I feel like I am a "Good Nurse." I try to remember the basic things I believe make a difference.. always seeing my patients as human and preserving their dignity whenever I can. I guess I don't have anything to really say except a motivational message to myself and anyone else who is feeling like me... Keep showing up and keep learning, safety first, and know when youre drowning and who to call. Does anyone have any other motivational messages?!?

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The Serenity Prayer is short but very direct and calming for me.

My coworker used to say, "Always stay curious." There is so much to learn in nursing! One of my instructors told us that the nurse's best friends are the pharmacist and the unit secretary. That advice had helped me though the years (I would add the IV Therapist to that list!). LTC has been a wonderful career for me for the last 20 years. Enjoy!

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Carrie - good advice. I'd like to add to your list the person whoever does the staff scheduling and the front desk receptionist.

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