LTC- 3 mandatory meetings a month?


I have "bad karma.' Everytime I think I am going to have a "real day off" I look at the calendar and see that a "mandatory meeting" is scheduled on my day off. I always attend these mandatory meetings. But I'm curious. What have you seen happening to those nurses and or other staff who simply don't show up for " mandatory meetings." Do they get written up? Fired? Taken off the work schedule? Do they ever do anything about the "no-shows"?


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I stopped having "mandatory meetings" a long time ago basically because hardly anyone ever shows up. I even tried having a door prize giveaway but that didn't work either. I have "floor conferences" now to communicate any changes or new developments. We visit each shift and call the staff to the desk for approximately 10-15 minutes. I then type up what we've discussed and attach it to paychecks of those who weren't on duty so that I can hold everyone accountable for the information. It also helps being visible on the units so that staff can be given answers to questions as they come up or to identify the need for a floor conference should something come up in the interim. It's been working pretty well along with daily clinical rounds unit to unit.


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I like that idea of floor conferences. I'll be honest...I don't go to alot of "mandatory" meetings. It seems like we have one posted every other day or at least once a week. I only work part time and on the weekends. I might not work every week either. If they post these when I'm off, I don't get word and don't come in. In the past, they normally leave me a folder of info and a form to sign that I did self teaching. I know I miss alot, but it is hard to come in with 5 little ones or even to come in when they have them at 7 am or 2:30 pm. (kids going or coming home from school).