LTC from HELL!!!


I got my first LPN job in a LTC. Well, I was so excited, I did not know to check CMS website and view their violations. I started on 09/28/2017; however, I was sent home two weeks in a row because the state was in their building. I was told since the state was in the building, they did not want be there. Then, when I came back, I was told their trainer had resigned. This was the same trainer who warned me my license would be on the line at this facility and told me I was being set up because they needed my license. So, when I came back with the trainer quitting, I sat another week at their computer doing healthcare courses. So, finally, without any further training, I was sent on the floor. I did not have a log on ID and they wanted me to immediately start passing medications. My ID came the next day; I told the DON, I have not even finished computer training and that I did not know the system; the other nurses were nasty, disgruntled and all had nothing good to say about their facility. I was told I was only hired so another license would be on the line and my license might get taken away by being in this building. The nurses training me did everything wrong; patient's were not getting the correct dosages, there were missed meds and one midnight nurse, told the whole morning staff, she did not get a chance to pass any medications on any patients. On October 19th, another nurse said the state is back in the building. She immediately assigned me to all the fall risk patients, trach patients and peg tube feedings. I tried telling them, I was not ready and I was never trained on their system. The DON said get on the floor and be a nurse. The state made its way to the second floor and I was immediately assigned all the high risk patients. Everyone immediately hid and left me on the floor to pass meds on all the high risk patients. One of my patients fell and I did an assessment on her, called the doctor, notified her family and ordered stat x-rays. However, I went looking for management and other nurses to help me put everything in the system because I was not trained. They flat out told me they would not help and those were my patients and to finish my med pass. Everyone left me without any help and told me to deal with it.

The state must have known what was up because the state asked me how many nurses were suppose to be on the floor. I said, I do not know, but I will find out. The state then replied three nurses are suppose to be on this floor. However, the DON, ADON, all the nurses all hid. The state knew exactly what they did to me and she did not ask me one question, nor did she ask to see my patients. I went along and passed the meds, did trach suctioning and care, and performed tube feeds. I was terrified being a brand new nurse and in orientation. After the state left, all the nurses and staff came out and told me how good I did and I would get the same patients tomorrow. Did i mention the state came back because an "EMPLOYEE" called them against them. I feared for my license. I went home and with only three weeks on orientation, I wrote the DON, ADON and human resources and thanked them for hiring me; however, at this time I another opportunity has presented itself and thanked them for being kind, gracious and helping me out. I sent that letter off because the trainer warned me I would lose my license and I nearly did. They wanted me to come back and do it again and I simply could not. I fear now I will not get another opportunity.

Will I be black listed. I am so scared.

It depends on if the area your in has a blacklist. The only state that I have heard about having a blacklist is Texas.

You have to be careful with those nursing homes. You should ask to shadow before accepting a position. A lot of nursing homes only want a warm body & don't care about how safely you provide care.

When the DON demanded that you get on the floor and be a nurse, you should have declined right there. If you haven't taken the keys or report it is not patient abandonment. There are two things you as nurse need to always be vigilant about. Protecting your patient & protecting your license. Your DON won't go to the BON with you to defend your license.


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OMG....I have never been at a facility (LTC or Acute) where staff hid when state was in the building. Exactly the opposite was true...CNAs often commented on how many people were helping out on the floor while state was there! When state is there, there is NO WHERE TO HIDE! The staff should do everythign they can to make sure things are done RIGHT...not to HIDE!

I do not blame you at all for resigning! I feel really bad for those residents though :(