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HELP! I have recently found this forum. Thank God I did your ideas and advice are awesome. Can anyone help me out with this one, $$$. I am new to LTC, only one year. However, have been a RN for 20... Read More

  1. by   ArrudaDNS
    Salary negotiation is always tricky. I live in Washington state and salary depends on bldg size and census. On average for the size of your potential bldg pays 60, 000 to 75, 000 depending on experience. Hope this helps
  2. by   HARLEYDNS
    Hey Cape Cod Mermaid,

    Here we are 4 yrs later. Still have the job, just got thru a gurling survey escaped with 2 baby isolated tags. One on blowel care and one on hand hygine.
    I am so proud of my staff we have come a long way!! The job is a joy to my heart everyday!! Even being there 10-12 hrs per day (STILL) I am happy, it is a great facility, I am learning ever day! The staff turnover is rediculious to say the least!! Hope this message finds it's way to you! I am currently looking for duties for the managers (turn over here too) Just want to be sure we don't miss anything. Any input would be great!!!

  3. by   Just.Blessed.RN
    Glad everything is still going great for you. Thanks for coming back and updating us all!!