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Just wanted to know the various ways you lovely Nurses have made the smooth transition from an experienced floor nurse to an ADON/DON or Administrator of Nursing or any administration position?? What... Read More

  1. by   Nascar nurse
    Quote from Loricisco
    Hi SuesquatchRN,

    I also came from a managerial/administrative background prior to obtaining my RN. And I also find floor nursing a very tough adjustment.

    Right now I am working in a skilled nursing - Medicare unit. The patient load is about 16 patients and the paperwork is tedious.

    In making my transition to administrative nursing, what do you suggest the first step be? I am still fairly new and learning.

    Also, what nursing jobs are not floor nursing jobs?

    Thank you,

    You first have to master floor nursing. New nurses do not have the experience to be managers and all the staff know it. They will eat you alive if you try to make them do what you yourself never mastered.
  2. by   NurseGuyBri
    Got Associates in '08, LPN in '09, RN in '12. Floor nurse '09, Charge Nurse in '10, ADON in '11, DON in '13. Most of my prior experience came from managing a sports-authority type store and then a local bank for 5 years. Fell into nursing, moved up quick, and I love every minute of it. Almost. ;-) I'm ready to go back to get my BSN but I'm still trying to learn what my options are and I have too many loans still...
  3. by   savoytruffle
    RN in '04. 2 years med surg charge, 3 years LTC supervisor and MDS nurse. One year LTC unit manager, then 2 years as MDS department head and team chair. Hated that. Meetings all the time. Now I am a unit manager on a 40 bed unit with half long term and half short term Med A. I like managing, but I still answer bells, run lifts, toilet residents on top of the paper work and discharge planning. What helped me was getting on committees for care plan revisions, QA, and taking side projects. Get your name noticed by being involved in changes.