Facility closed... need new position

  1. Our facility closed this month due to the building needing a completely new roof. We have had a waiver in place for over3 years and the feds decided not to extend it. We were looking at moving into a vacant building until we could rebuild but, due to the economy and being a non-profit.... it wasn't feasible. we had 100 beds,all private rooms and to replace all of our residents into shared rooms was a nightmare.... some were crying and wouldn't let go of the staff. the residents and staff loved our facility... so sad this happened. Since this all started in Oct. 4 of our residents have passed away, and others are not doing well. I see where the gov't is coming from but, if they only knew the effect in the long run it would have on the residents... it's terrible. In the meantime, there are no positions out there within commuting distance for me. I am considering looking into interim travel for the short run until something opend up as I don't want to move. Not to get everyone down...... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
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  3. by   Ruas61
    What general area are you in?
  4. by   achot chavi
    So sorry to hear this, hope something comes up for you. I dont understand, what did you do with your 100 patients? They were sent to share rooms... where?
  5. by   noc4senuf
    This is LTC. All of our residents were relocated into other facilities.