1. Im a new DON in a LTC facility. The company just "cleaned house" with the admin in this facility. The old admin did not require staff to give quality care or hold any accountability for anything. My staff are starting to come around and give better care after the big turnover. However, our facilities reputation has suffered terribly and census is extremely low. We have visited hospitals and doctors offices. Do you have any other marketing suggestions to try or have any successful experiences to build census?
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    I've been through the same thing. It takes a while to revive a good reputation. The best way is to keep giving excellent care. Do you have some success stories with your residents? Send a letter to their physician. Ask them to do an interview. Have an open house to get the buzz out that things are different now and the care is great. Just beware---if your census stays low, the company might be tempted to take residents you normally wouldn't and that really gets you nowhere.
  4. by   nancyjean68
    Oh Yes!! We had a facility like that. It did take a long time but good things come to those who wait. I can give some hints. The DON got out on the floors, toileted, fed, assisted ambulating, knew all the resident's names, and no bragging. Staff sees that and hmmmm, gets them talking. Families I've found that the most important thing to them was communication!!!! Tell them when an antibiotic starts, how their family member did last night sleeping, a funny short story that their family member did or said. They appreciate when they walk in the building that people smile at them and say hi, acknowledgement that they exist. (BIG DEAL!!!) Our CNAs had to change their whole way of thinking, working, and it worked BUT took a lot of hard work on the administrations part. The community needs to be able to trust you. We had monthly meetings with the community, a breakfast. They got to eat our awesome food and listen to a short lecture/education from one of our experienced nurses. We even did a breakfast meeting topic of sexual activity....AND it was a hit! You never know! You have to work hard to reap the rewards, and believe me it is worth it. The talk about town about us was incredible. It got to the point that when you mentioned where you worked people miles away would say "oh, ya, I heard about that place, I've heard great things." Our Administrator was very involved and active with the community. It wasn't something that he had to do forever but the expression of compassion lasted a long time, and it was real. The facility was homelike not stuffy, no chandeliers, no fancy rugs. Just real folks that cared, really cared. It was a long process to find the right mix, but it can be done. I'm talking years but don't be discouraged. Your heart should keep you alive and excited to see your dream come true! A lot of the CNAs stayed and it had a lot to do with education and more education. I think when someone (CNA) knows that someone else (boss) has put trust and faith in them, they give their best AND express that to other co-workers that they all should do their best because not only is it the right thing to do but they see they are counted as a worthy employee. Giving incentives to the staff, housekeeping, aids, nurse, etc. Winning over that one person you know is the "respected employee" by other employees can be your best move, not giving in to them but highlighting their best features, it will empower them the right way. Others will listen and follow. One moto we had was... Yes is the answer. Then we would figure it out later. "Can I put a flat screen tv in my mother's room? Yes. "Can my wife be up at 7:15 in the mornings so I can have breakfast with her daily?" Yes. This may not seem to be a big deal to some but the husband only had a small window every morning to be with his wife and we made sure it happened....every day. It's the little things to us that are such a big thing to others. It makes you feel good. The people talk and before you know it....your reputation is out there and it's GREAT! Take a deep Breath and it will come!
  5. by   nancyjean68
    Just wanted to add I was the ADON here also.