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I used this as a response somewhere else but the more I think about it I realize

that I am needing help with this situation.

I have been in LTC/nursing for about 3 months now so I am brand new - but

I am not new to healthcare. On my hall I have a CNA that is good friends with the

DON and some days friends work with this CNA who are also tied to the DON.

No work gets done. This CNA is rarely on the hall. Its a joke - this person wanders

around the facility talking to their friends or going on numerous breaks. When I try to

find this person because lights are ringing and the one good CNA shouldn't/cant be held

responsible for all 18-22 patients on the hall (its a rehab hall so the lights are always ringing - I go in to help, have another CNA that helps but I still have lights going off)

this person tells me that they were on break, or that they do not understand how

I feel I am above helping and none of the other CNA's working on the hall feel that I help

them either (NOT true - I have addressed this with my supervisor as well as the other CNA's that have worked on my hall and the CNA's said they felt the opposite and my supervisor said to "let it go"). I tried to address it with this CNA - those accusations - by saying if I don't know there is a problem I can't help create a solution - it was glossed over by this CNA, and I am still left in the same situation of not having any help on my hall.

Writing this person up does no good because of the friendship with the DON. Again, its a joke. I guess the biggest issue I have, outside of the fact that my residents arent being taken care of,, is I am new trying to learn my job and bening told that I cannot get any more overtime, yet I am doing a CNA's job plus my job. I dont know how to resolve this issue. Others have tried with this person to no avail. I am not above being a team player - in fact, I prefer it over things being all one sided. I am there for my residents. period. I want to do right by them, but dont want to lose my job by getting too much overtime either. suggestions welcomed.

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If this CNAs friendship with the DON is preventing the residents from getting the care they need, go to the Administrator. Just be sure you have all your facts straight and documentation to back it up.

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IF she's doing something wrong write her up. It's not a joke it's a paper trail. If you go to the administrator with no paper trail it will be your word against hers. I tell you they will make it look bad...on your part. I sincerely sympathize with your situation. I know of what you speak. You need to figure out how to get along. You need to ignore the fact that she's friends with whoever and treat her like everyone else. It's not a popularity contest.

You need to take charge of the situation. Sounds like the CNAs aren't aware of all the responsibilities of your job. Some CNAs can become difficult when RNs aren't always helping them. Some become bitter if they don't see us feeding during meals or changing someone. We have our job and they have theirs. Of course we can help each other but it sounds like it's gotten out of control where you are. You need to get a handle on it quickly. How is the morale of the staff? Who makes the CNA assignments?

Why are you looking for people and you don't know whose went on break? CNAs should be telling you when they go on break so you know and who is covering their assignment. When you get to work make sure you know what CNA is assigned where.

I have talked to other RN/LPN's about this very same person and they did try to make a paper trail by

writing this person up and nothing was ever done - even by administration (the person above the DON).

In return because the DON is such good friends with this person apparently they were told by the DON

who wrote this person up OR this person figured out who wrote them up and it made their time there

a living heck - to the point that this person is now on a different shift because the shift this person was working

on could no longer contend with them. I know since I am fairly new its all hear say - but I am not the only person

who has brought this issue up.

The morale is low - at least from what I have noted.

I have told this person to tell me when they go to break - but I end up having to look for them and they are usually

either outside with the DON or walking around talking to others - nothing has been done. The DON sees what is going

on. I was told from the first week I was there that when writing people up there are "untouchables" and this person

is apparently one of them. The CNA supervisor makes the assignments. I am new. I have no idea how to get a handle

on my own responsibilities as a brand new nurse much less this. Maybe I am overlooking something simple - I just feel overwhelmed.

And it sounds like I am just going to have to do my time and suck it up since I am new.

Yes you're new but ... I was in the same situation, changed shifts, because nothing was done, looked for work else where and am now in the new facility. I still am on call at the old place, because I do care about the resident's, but I won't work a shift with this "CNA", now it's my choice. If they want to keep someone like that, if they can't seperate friendship from work and realize that the two are seperate, then word will get around and the community will realize that they can not rely on that facility to provide the care they are legally supposed to provide. The old place I was at now has low censis and the community is looking to find someone else to build a new facility for those in the community to truely rely on.

Find a new position. Unfortunately, more than likely, you'll need at least a year under your belt before another facility will look at you seriously. So until then...keep your mouth shut and change shifts.

Best of luck to you.

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