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Hello I was recently working in a skilled nursing facility and ultimately decided to leave due to unsafe working conditions (no proper training for a new grad right out of school, large patient loads, no leadership around to ask for help) and I have been looking into clinics to work at while I wait for a hospital job (all hospitals in my area are currently on a hiring freeze due to COVID) I just received a call from a recruiter to work as an RN in an allergy clinic and I have an interview set up. What are the responsibilities of a nurse in this field? What are the typical pay rates?



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Be prepared for a lot of repetition. Allergy is a very focused speciality. At my former allergy clinic, RNs were the clinic managers for most of our locations. We’d have our floor nurses rotate between allergy shots (in smaller clinics, the injection nurse was also phone triage), working with the doctor rooming patients/giving kenalog injections/administering neb tx, and performing skin testing (whether it was a scheduled test or add-on from the doctor the day of visit).  Some clinics mix their own allergy injections and testing board, some have a mixing department to do that, some order pre-mixed vials.  I liked allergy and asthma but got tired of the repetition after about 5 years, but I still lecture pts if their med list includes an epi pen or albuterol inhaler and they don't’ have it with them LOL.  

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I’m in Allergy/immunology as well.. we have a mix of RNs, LPNs, and MAs. 
We all do different roles and rotate as well.  Rooming, phone triage, allergy shots, biologics (Xolair) admin, IV admin (fluids/IVIg), testing, challenges (venom/medication/food), serum mixing. 
I work 4 days a week. Some weekends 8-12. 
I don’t get bored with the repetition. It’s low stress and I like it that way!