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Just wanted to start a thread for people that are interested in attending LSU for Spring 2020.

I can’t stop thinking about it. I rly don’t wanna wait another semester if I don’t get in.

I’m super anxious as well....has anyone taken the HESI yet?

I’m nervous as well , I made a 82 on my hesi ?

I made an 83; the wait begins now. I wonder how long it’ll be before they contact us to schedule the written portion...

Me too I feel impatient but I can’t wait lol .

Lol! Same here...I want to know like NOW! LoL! Keep me posted if you hear anything

I mean, WHEN you hear something!

Okay I will. Also , Do you know what LSU does about withdraws because I have 11 w’s on my transcript and I know that looks really bad but I figured I’d apply anyway.

I’m not sure. I read over the admission requirements like a million times and it doesn’t say anything. I think you’ll be fine!

I did too trying to see if it said anything about w’s and I couldn’t find anything .

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