LS1 and ECGs


Ok, as lost as I am in the chapter on ECGs, (I hate them! Never understood the stuff) how much can I expect on the exam? I havent bought the practice exma yet, I know that will help. But how much do I need to know about reading strips? PR interval, ST wave, it's all greek to me.

I can place the leads, that's about it : )

Are we talking more what to do in specific arrythmias? What meds are given and side effects? I can handle that.

thanks guys.


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do you have your study guide mine did not say anything about ekgs and i had nothing on my test hope this helps alicia.

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Know the normal times between waves, know what abnormailities in the times mean eg v-tach, v-fib, a-fib, prognosis ie v-tach?v-fib being fatal? A-fib treated with Nitroglyc sl, wait 5 mins for relief of cp, if 3rd dose given etc...that's all I remember sry :-(


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I posted almost the exact same question about 6 months ago. Make sure you understand ECGs, what changes may be seen in different disease processes but I don't believe actually interpreting ECGs is in the scope of practice for the exam but may needed to be known for NCLEX RN. Check the EPN too, I think I posted the question on there as well sometime in Jan or Feb. Good luck!


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Ok good info ladies, thanks. I figure I should know "____ occurs with hyperkalemia: depressed u wave, tall T wave, shortened qrs, etc," Yea I will have to look over a-fib and the diff. dysrhythmias. Plan on doing that tomorrow. Thanks all!