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I work in a private assisited living type setting (not state) I have worked there for 14 yrs we have never had IVs there, and now we have a lady coming in with a PICC line that we are told we have to give antibiotics TID for 4 wks, There is rarely an RN on duty. Most often LPN or TMA in charge, We had no inservice on this and the RN is telling us the PT will tell us how to do it and she can practually do it herself.We are going to be shown after she comes how to do it- I DO NOT feel comofortable but the RN is giving us no choice. WHat is everyones views on this non e of us are IV cert. And if we have a problem there is no RN on duty in evening-nites-wkends, IS this an issue or am i making too much of it- other nursing homes in the area have the RN doe the picc lines.thanks


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This is really a question for your state board of nursing (see 'Links' in the gray toolbar at the top of the page), but I think you're correct to feel uncomfortable performing a procedure without any training.


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I agree, this should be determined by what LPN's are allowed to do by the State Board of Nurisng. I would not let the RN bully you into doing something that it outside your allowed scope of practice because it could cause you to loose your license.


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I agree that you should be very uncomfortable maintaining a PICC line. PICC lines and any central lines are very dangerous and without proper training or inservice, if something were to go wrong, you might not be able to pick up on the s/s of problems. PICC lines, if they migrate can cause heart arrythmias and other potential problems. Im my state LPNs are allowed to give medications through the central lines but not allowed to draw blood from them. you should read your states nurse practice act. I assume you would have to flush the line with heparin often also. I would bring these concerns to the RN in charge and request more information about maintaining PICC lines, and not get the inservice from the PT, (although the pt would probably be helpful also)

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