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Does anyone have a clue about the LPN's scope of practice working in Hospice?

I have a hospice orginization about to start hiring LPN's, but they need to do all the research and call lawyers etc, ect. I'm tired of waiting and would like to know the answers myself. I'm very interested in the position, but I can't sit around and wait on them forever.

If anyone could find a link or knows, thanks in advance.

BTW, I'm in Ohio.


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Hi I'm a LPN.......I've been a hospice Nurse fo 2yrs in the state of Fl and Al.......The only difference in job scope is I can't do port flush and can't admit a pt into Hospice .......I do blood draws,make home vists if a pt has a HHA in the home RN visit needed q 2 weeks and if not a HHA once a month.......In the company I work for u take call Rn back-up to use as needed.....If any questions please ask............


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Our agency recently hired a full time LPN. We feel that she can do admissions, but she can't create the care plan. We are trying to find out if she can do death pronouncement in Iowa and Nebraska.


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Thanks for the help. Still nothing has been said about anything, so I have left that up to the lawyers and went on to the normal boring world of nursing homes (no offense ;) )

Maybe one day i can get my foot into the door of Hospice nursing ... but for now ... I sit and wait ...


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I worked with several LPNs in hospice and am one myself. We did everything the RNs did and simply had an RN sign off on everything. Is this legal? I don't know. That is just one of the reasons I am no longer working there! :nono:


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