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Hi, seeking some feedback. So currently work in a hospital on CT with decent pay $20 an hour. Work variable shifts some days don't know when I am going or coming, but enjoy the randomness.

Anywho I submitted my application for the CCs nursing program. See what happens in April.

If waitlisted I eventually want go go for my BSN. From what I researched there's no real evening BSN program. That's why applied to the CC programs they are flexible.

Wife and I considered moving out of State and applying to programs out of State like in the Carolinas. We decided to focus on having children, have support up here, and work towards becoming nurses up here then move to a lower cost of living area.

Wife and I discussed the possibility of being an LPN. Unfortunately the State LPN programs are done and gone.

The only option is private LPN program that cost $30K but with my tuition reimbursement can cut that cost in half. $15K isn't too terrible of a cost.

The only other option I see is retake my prerewuites at Goodwin. With travel and cost to attend it be over my budget.

My only concern is being an LPN is there jobs in CT?

I saw last year a lot of State LPN jobs, but don't see much at all anymore. Mostly lots of jobs are at nursing homes.

Just curious on CT nurses feexback!



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Okay, so I'm qualified to answer your question, I'm just super confused by your post for some reason.

1. What are you currently doing in the hospital for $20/h?

I got the impression you were working as an LPN and wanted to be an RN and possibly a BSN, but you also make it sound like you're applying to a nursing program for the first time and maybe trying to GET your LPN?

Also when you say CC's program, does CC mean Capital Community, Central Connecticut, Connecticut College, Community College? Or something entirely different that I'm unfamiliar with?


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CC = Community College and Howdy! Applied for the second time to the Community College program. Wife and I both did. Depending how thing's go...If we both get in awesome...If wife awesome and I do awesome. If we don't then was thinking of applying to an LPN program and then look into a State job then go for my BSN on the side.

I mean wife and I were thinking of wife gets in to a CC program. Then a year later wife graduates. I go to LPN School. Then after 18 months later apply to an RN program do a year of LPN to RN bridge. Then we both do an RN to BSN bridge together.

Only one I can find is Stone and be an expensive route.


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I graduated from the CT community college ADN program. As far as I know, all the sites are the same as the one I went to in that they are actually not evening programs. You can take all the prerequisites as evening classes, and that is prior to being accepted to the actual nursing program. But as far as I know there is no evening classroom option for the actual nursing program. The classroom portion was something like 830am to 230pm one day a week, the actual day was different every semester and they dictated it, and then you have two clinical shifts a week, which there was some evening options for that. Sometimes clinical days were replaced by lab simulation days, which again was during the day. I ended up taking per diem work during nursing school in order to accomodate that classroom day. Basically each school has a system, like first semester students use the classroom Tuesdays, second semester students thursdays, etc and I couldn't find another job that accomodated needing a different day off every semester. In answer to the other question, I work for a hospital system VNA that employs a lot of LPNs and offers good benefits, not sure what they get paid though as I never asked them.


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Also the community college program has LPN to RN bridge that is quite affordable, I believe it involved a 4 or 6 week clinical rotation and then you join the ADN class for the last two semesters of their program to get the RN.


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Have a question figure correlates to this topic I l posted.

Is there any strictly evening RN programs left in the State outside of Goodwin? Goodwin is just out of my budget. Prefer a evening flexible nursing program. Know lots of other States offer them even just weekend nursing programs. Could find nothing in CT. Figure can do the LPN route be wicked expensive little over $30 thousand dollars. Found out with work it's either reimbursement or loans can't do both. So I could try to pay out of pocket for 24 month's that be about $840 a month or apply for financial aid. Then move to a State that has an LPN to BSN bridge like Florida, Mass, or Texas.

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You asked if there is work for LPNs in Connecticut , I know of 3 home health aid companies that hire LPNs , and I've seen LPNs working in Connecticut on my job one of my friends is an LPN and he works in the Greenwich hospital .