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I understand what LVN/LPN's are feeling but unfortunately this country is credential crazy. You can have all the certificates and degrees but if you do not have that RN they don't acknowledge it. It is not fair. There are a lot of very knowledgeable LVN/LPN and the powers that be are making it so that they are limited. That is one of the reasons I decided to become a RN so I can excel in any area or practice of nursing with out worrying about my initals . Noone, regardless of their title should be denied to gain knowledge and receive certificates for it, it can only help that individual. :-)


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originally posted by brownms46

my thoughts on your suggestion...is that this is an excellent idea. maybe this would allieviate the impression that an lp/vn is trying to go outside of their scope of practice...for those who have a problem with our obtaining advanced certifications. although i really think... most lp/vns are more than aware of their scope of practice, and have no problems staying within them...:cool:

some 15 years ago lvn's/lpn's were allowed to seek area specific certifications. i can recall being able to apply for, take, test and wait for certifications in et, diabetic ed, and become a part of the iv therapy team. i suppose the idea that we could adequately perform by acquiring area specific goals bruised some egos or stepped on some toes. in like fashion, we could join the critical care association altho we had no voting rights. in today's ego-oriented world, we cannot even submit an application. it certainly was not easy to focus on a letter that read "we can no longer accept your renewal...." so is there a solution to appease all factions? probably not! as long as we continue to see the new focus of medicine and nursing based upon titles and not abilitites, focus on narrow fields of vision that we as lvn's/lpn's have limited knowledge, and as long as we do not strive to make nursing a unified front will discussions like this continue. i will continue to be proud of who i am,my abilities, bask in the respect offerred me by physicians, colleagues and like persons. i will continue to be confident in the things i know that i can do within my scope of practice and the knowledge that can be shared.


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I can easily understand the frustations of both sides. We want to do everything we are able. Where I am, we are expected to offer the same quality care as an RN and for less money. RNs were told they were professionals because they went to school longer, took more classes and payed more money. And I could name great RNs I have worked with all day long without repeating any names, however I can do the same for LPNs and more than a few CNAs.

Are LPNs the bastards of nursing? Maybe so. Should they have made a position that was by nature neither, nor? Probably not. But we are here. So what do we do now? Do we quietly set in the back of the bus and be thankful for what we have? Do we refuse to set in the back and be in conflict with some of our coworkers? Or do we get our own bus?

Some of us went to school almost as long as ASRNs and are allowed to do little more than wipe butts. That isn't fair. When I worked at Parkland they said I was special, that they would let LVNs do more if others were more like me. I said if you let them do more most would be more like me.

I see a simularity between MDs/DOs and between RNs/LPNs. DOs used to be the shortcut to being able to play doctor. Now their schools are nearly identical as is their scope of practice. I see LPNs as used to be a shortcut to being a nurse and now many of us have nearly the same scope of practice. I believe we should be able to do what we are already successfully doing. I am not sure separate certifications are the answer. That leads to segregation, "separate but equal". So I guess I lead more toward "conflict with some of our coworkers". But this route does not have to be so bad. Most nurses respect other good nurses reguardless of titles, and diploma and two year RNs have some of the same concerns. I believe things can change with everyone working toward a new difinition of nursing. What are others points of view?

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