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LPN working with angency?

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I am an LPN student in the Kansas City area and am curious about working as an agency nurse. Does anyone know of any good Kansas City agencies. I have heard some bad things about working as agency though, I have heard that they lure you to work at a site for a wonderful price but then "somehow" a lower amount shows up on your paycheck? Hopefully that was just one agency. (I hope.) Will I have problems working full time? Roughly how much can a new LPN make as an agency nurse? :idea:

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Most agencies will not give you the time of day without experience. You must be able to hit the floor running if you work for an agency going to facilities, whether they be LTC, acute care, or otherwise. The facilities can not take the time to train you in the basics and they usually are not pleasant to agency nurses, at least in the beginning. Home health care requires prior experience and assessment and judgment skills that one normally does not have right out of school. If you can convince an agency to hire you and train you to a particular case, you should be able to do home health. But that takes a lot of time and effort on the part of someone at the agency, and they are usually not open to that suggestion. Good luck in getting your first job, whereever it is.

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