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So, do to our economic woes, I've been considering declining my seat in the RN program and moving somewhere that I can get an LPN job. I live in a small area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and lemme tell ya...it is SLIM PICKINS here. I have family and friends in multiple states, so I could move somewhere I know people...

BUT, my question is...what do YOU guys think - LPN or RN in this time? Is it worth the financial instability to pursue RN full-force and worry about everything after? I'm soooo confused, there's no jobs around here and I'm going to be 100% out-of-money in a few weeks, I don't know what to do!!! :yldhdbng:

I want to hear from you RNs and LPNs! Who's got the better opportunities?


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I think both positions are great. However, the state I live in, the LPN are mostly in nursing homes. A RN can go anywhere and the opportunites are endless for RN's. As you no, you do have your droughts in nursing, eventully it does pick up. I do no some LPN who make good money but, they are limited in their scope of practice. The only downside in LPN and RN is the amount of time you go to school. On the other hand the pay rate for a RN is better then a LPN. Other than that, I would choose to be a RN and I love it. Good luck with your decision


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Thanks Pebbles...I've decided to just keep lookin for LPN jobs while I pursue my RN. The only downside is my RN is going to take 2 years, since I opted for the part-time program - wish I would've went for full-time, but it's looking like it's too late to change my mind. And i know that i want to be in challenging, fast-paced work and not just pushin meds in LTC, so i think the decision is obvious :) RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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