I've been struggling to figure out whether I want to be an LPN or an RN. I have anxiety and my doctor actually suggested that if I go into nursing to think about working in a doctors office where my hours will be relatively the same everyday. I've always wanted to work in hospital and work in the neonatal unit, but I thought about working in a pediatric doctors office. I honestly am very confused as to what I want to do now.

If I decided to work in a doctors office would it be worth it to become an RN?

Advantages and disadvantages of being an LPN?

Advantages and disadvantages of being an RN?

If anyone has any other advice that would be appreciated!


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You could have the best of both worlds. Become a lpn and work in a doctor's office. Then, you could transition into a LPN to RN program and possibly work in a hospital. Then, you would have experience. There is a vast difference in pay between the two.


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The advantage of working as an LPN is that you have a specific job to do and you are guided by the RN. The RN has a lot of responsibility and exposure to blame if something goes wrong. So consider that.


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That is definitely something to consider. Thank you!


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Much depends on where you want to work in the long-term. You said you've "always wanted to work in a hospital and the neonatal unit". Ok, but as an LPN that's practically impossible. There are still hospitals that hire LPNs but honestly they are dwindling. Of course you will have people who will say there are still hospitals that hire LPNs, but...like I said, fewer and fewer.

If you will be happy in a medical office, are you even sure you want to be an LPN? MAs are now pushing out LPNs in many places, as it's not a nurse that's needed for every little thing. Also, it's now RARE to find a job as an RN in a physician's office, as, once again, the tasks tend to not require that license. Or they do need an RN, but ONE and the rest are MA's or maybe an LPN. Just how it is.

Lots to consider, including the job market in your area for any of the above, costs of education for these choices, and time you wish to spend getting the certificate/degree/license.

Good luck! :)


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Thank you so much! This was very helpful!!