LPN vs. RN programs


I recently attended nursing school but unfortunately failed my med-serg by only a few points and therefore was ejected from the school .

I'll be applying to several private colleges in the NY/NJ area over the next few weeks. I'm a bit worried though, because the med-serg was a P or F class and I now have an F on my transcript. I'm afriad this will affect my being accepting to another school. I mean..I'm sure theres people out there that have failed a nursing course, picked themselves back up and went on to be a successful RN..am i wrong?

So I'll be applying for the LPN programs as well because I might just work my way to becoming an RN (maybe through excelsior?)

What are the LPN programs like? How long in length and generally how much is tuition? Are they as difficult as nursing classes? And what about job placement- do LPN's get hired right out of school?

Hmmmm...any help would be wonderful =)


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I sent you a PM. I finished LPN school and got hired right away, I work in a hospital on a Med/Surg floor. The school is hard but it's doable, as long as you study and stay committed you'll do fine.

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