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I have been made a contingent offer at the va, did physical, drug screen and fingerprints. Submitted everything. My question is on vetpro I put down that I was terminated from a job in 2007, and they wanted brief summary of why. Will this keep me from getting final offer? I just wanted to be honest and been so long ago but now can't stop worrying. All this work and I really want job at VA. Anyone with any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Just be honest — they already know about it and they are proceeding, so I would take that as a good sign. I'm sure you're not the first person with a termination in the past!! Good luck and try to not stress about it; it will be what it is.


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If it is not too late, or if it comes up again, consider explaining what you learned from the incident or experience.


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I as well just got a tentative job offer from the Columbia SC VAMC. I have completed everything and I am just waiting for the final offer. Always tell the truth, they would find out. I have been in constant contact with the HR rep that contacted me at first. He let me know last week that the board recommended my salary rate to the director, I think I am close, I hope soon I want to know what the offer is. I know I am going to make less then I do now. I just want to know by how much. Keep us posted on the offer. And what VA are you going to. Good luck


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Yes but I did the fingerprints and physical etc before they got this info. So now waiting. I did explain that it was for poor work performance but that I am in a better place personally and professionally now.