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i am a 42 y/o f interested in travel nursing but NOT LTC . does anyone know if there are any GOOD companies out there to work with. most of my exp. is psych, corrections, triage.:confused:

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Hello! I am an LVN who works at an LTC facility in Texas. The overwhelming majority of travel nursing agencies avoid hiring LVNs/LPNs, as they prefer RNs with some acute care experience.


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I Am Also An Lpn And I Just Returned From Hawaii On A Travel Assignment. I Worked In The Skilled Unit. Loved It. I Am 44 And Would Love To Travel Again. I Traveled By Myself Because My Husband Couldn't Go With Me At The Time, Would Love To Have A Buddy To Travel With Makes Time Go By Alot Faster. You Can Email Me If You Want. Have You Had Any Travel Assignments Yet? Where Would You Like To Go? I Am Thinking On Going To Calf They Need Lpn's For Their Correctional Inst. Let Me Now Sandy


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i have not been on any assignments yet. im not sure what companies are the best suited for me. i also am married and my husband cannot go with me either. how do you 2 work out the long assignments?

i would love to go to east tennessee, ga, sc, va, . i live outside of nashville.




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He Stays At Home And I Send My Checks To Him To Pay The Household Bills. I Have Only Went On One And That Worked Out Ok. It Is Nice To Have Some One You Can Talk To Though. I Would Like To Go To Calf. Or Back To Hawaii.

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