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Is there a travel nurses services that hires LPNs? I have heard of alot for RNs, but I want to start now, not have to wait till I get my RN license. Please let me know if there is.

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Hi Donna-

No advice from me as I asked the same question in a different forum...the advice given to me was to post on this forum....Hope to get some feedback



Don't want to sound discouraging, but I went to a website for a travel company when I was surfing around employment sites, inquiring about specifics, and got back a very terse "we only hire RNs". Got a little peeved b/c that particular company's site did not specifiy, "only RNs", so my time was wasted. Refrained from sending back a sideways retort. It kind of makes sense, in the convoluted thinking of employers, that RNs are expected to be more suitable for travel nursing. Good luck in finding anything.

In my seaech for travel nursing, I did find sites that hired LPNS and Lab techs etc. I am an RN,so I am sorry I can't tell you specifically which sites they are. I do alsorecall sites that only hire RNs. Maybe try LPN travel nursing in your search engine to see if that helps. They are out there, but maybe in small numbers. Good Luck in your search.

I know the group that American Mobile is with will hire LPNs. You must have

3 years previous experience.

Hope that helps a little.


I believe these 2 hire LPN's with at least 1 year experience



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