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LPN transitioning into RN mid-program?

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I started an LPN program this Fall, but have recently decided that I'd rather be in the RN program of the same school. I asked the director about it and was told that LPN students can not switch to RN, but RN's can switch to LPN. I was told this is because the points are awarded differently toward both programs. However, I have all but one of the general courses I need for RN and I more than pass the minimum requirements for RN.

I keep getting told that I should wait, graduate LPN and apply for mobility. I just can't justify paying for 6 semesters of school (LPN is 3 and then mobility is 3) when I could just pay for 5 (RN is 5). Also, if I graduate LPN in August 2011, I won't be able to start mobility until May 2012, meaning I'll graduate in May 2013. If I was allowed to switch, I'd graduate May 2012. In other words, it just makes more sense all around to switch.

My question is: Has anyone ever done this - switched from LPN to RN in the middle of the program?

If you have, can you tell me what school you went to and how you went about that?

Also, can I transfer from the LPN program at one school to the RN program at another school and still get my 5 classes? The first 5 classes of both LPN and RN are the same.

Please and thank you!

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Depends on the school & program. Many nursing programs will not accept transfer of nursing coursework from other schools of nursing. You would need to contact the RN program that you are interested in.

Many schools the LPN program and RN program are completely independent of each other (if they even offer both courses of study) so there is no simple transfer of credits.

Career mobility for LPN's can vary even between schools. For example the school in my county requires 6 months license & working as LPN before accepted into the RN-mobility program and you can then attempt to skills test out of nursing 1. The school one county north permits LPN's to enroll after gaining a license and then LPN's have the opportunity to test out of the first year of nursing courses (up to 3) depending on their skills & testing. (LPN may start from the beginning, test out of nursing 1A, test out of nursing 1A & 1B, or test out of nursing 1A, 1B, and 2 (enter program as a 3rd semester nursing student))

It just depends upon how the admin intend to apply to rules to you at your school. A coworker once was told that she could return to the RN program after having her baby. Lo and behold, when it was time for her to come back, she was told that there was no seat for her in the RN program, but if she wanted to become a nurse, they would allow her to enter the LVN program. Exact opposite of what you want to do. The rules changed midstream. I see no reason why you can't change if there is room for you, but they do have something to say about the fact that you did not apply for, and you were not considered for admission to, the RN program. It looks like you are using the back door. Cutting the thread thin, but their call to cut it the way they see it.