Hi Im in Jacksonville,FL and looking for the best optins to transition from LPN to BSN . Anyone know of any programs? Even if its in any surrounding areas like Orange Park and GA, or StAugustine. As far as pre Reqs I have all but Micro & Col Alg . Im trying to find the quickest and best route even if its online or if i Need to transition to RN first . Im looking for anyone who have went through or know about this process . THANKS

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Instead of transitioning from LVN to BSN, I bridged from LVN to ASN to BSN. In the area where I live, the LVN-to-BSN programs had too many complex requirements.

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Like TheCommuter, I also did LPN to ASN to BSN. I went the online route with Excelsior College for the ASN and BSN. I looked into only one LPN to BSN program (which was online), and as with TheCommuter, I also found some of the requirements a bit too complex. Although I was determined to become an RN, my level of motivation was not where it needed to have been in order to tackle some of those LPN-to-BSN requirements.