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Lpn Text Books

godsgift2 specializes in orthopedics and telemetry.

I Was Just Curious How Much Did Everyone Pay For There Books And Was The Book Fee Seperate From Your Tuition And How Many Books Did You Have To Purchase My School Sent A List Of Books I Nedd To Order And There Are 13 Books Costing Me $672 Does That Sound About Right I Am So Nervous But I Am Positive I Will Do Well My Class Start July 2nd Thanks For All The Input

gt4everpn specializes in Licensed Practical Nurse.

books, books, books, lets see its been about 6mo since i graduated nrsg school for my pn. my fundamentals book was $65, the workbook probably was $42. my tabers dictionary was $50 i believe. my little med- surg and lpn pocket notes were no more than $20 each. about half of the books the school provided like my maternal-child and a&p, med- surg books. guess i was lucky but the ati tests and review class for nclex wasn't cheap! about $500-600 combined. nervous are normal, i'm starting work and i'm nervous. wish me luck as i wish you!

godsgift2 specializes in orthopedics and telemetry.

gt4everpn congratulations on your new career as a nurse i'm sure you will do well i myself am doing this because i want to provide a good life for my son i just hope i am going about this the right way since i am doing the lpn program first and will do a bridge program for my rn so again best wishes and luck to you

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