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greetings to all, folks call me mims. i worked as a cna for 4 years then became an lpn 2 yrs. ago. jumped around alot (pool, agency & f/t). decided pool was the way to go for now, luv the flexibility and pay rate. long term care w/ mostly geriatrics is my forte, (i might just be to chicken to try something new) but it seems around here that's where the money is. someday when we're not so strapped i'll appreciate the work for what i can give, right now though, pay matters. we (hubby, 2 kids & mom-in-law) may move to oregon, somewhere close to the coast, next year. i'm wondering where to start looking for per-diem or "pool" positions or maybe agencies positions. we've been to coos bay and bandon and would not mind living within a 30-45 min. drive from those areas. i don't mind up to an hours drive for work if the money is right. what are the pay-rates for lpn's in ltc (we are not interested in living in a city environment)?

if anybody cares to hit on any of the above subjects i would be greateful.

blessed be, mims

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You might try posting your questions on the Oregon Forum or the LPN/LVN Corner Forum of allnurses to get better responses.

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