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Hello! Need LPN advice....

I am applying to both the LPN program and Surgical Technologist program this fall. Both sound wonderful, rewarding, have the same school schedule, close to the same pay.... if I am lucky to be accepted to both, any advice on which to go into/ not go into? I love people babies to seniors, have a stomach of steel, fascinated by surgeries, love science and the way the body works- I don't see myself so much in a nursing home, but rather in a hospital setting, but I wouldn't be picky- just ready to be working. I am in Jacksonville, FL- several hospitals, facilities, and job opportunities. I would love to hear from some of you as I don't have many friends in the medical field and don't know much about either profession except googled job descriptions and some of what I've read on here. Either way, just happy to help others and start a medical career. Any and all feedback appreciated!

Thanks, and blessings! :)


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Do a forum search. This question is asked on a regular basis

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Check out the OR forum- this comes up every so often over there.

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