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Is it legal for LPNs to supervise and evaluate RNs work performance?  Does it vary by state?  Also curious as to weather a non-licensed person can supervise and evaluate RNs on their work performance. Any specifics for various states would be appreciated. 

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My first nursing job I had an LVN as the floor supervisor and she was amazing. I learned more from her in a few months than all of nursing school. 

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Typically an LPN may supervise an RN in an administrative capacity only, you should refer to your state's Nurse Practice Act for further guidance. 

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Interesting question. The answer is yes and no. Say for instance at an LTC facility. A nursing facility administrator would count as being a unlicensed person in the world of nursing practice. But in the administrative chain of command he/she would be the highest ranking official. Can he/she evaluate your work performance? Absolutely. Are you getting all assigned duties done, are you wearing the proper uniform, are you on time, do you work well with others. An LPN who is ADON could also supervise an RN in that capacity. But when it comes to the practice of nursing. No. An LPN cannot evaluate an RNs clinical decision making . Neither can a Nursing Home Administrator. But in my opinion experience where LPNs are unit managers, or ADONs the issue rarely comes up. Most of the issues are administrative. 

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