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LPN starting in Nursing 2...feeling like an outcast


Well, I tested out of Nursing 1 so I started Nursing 2 as a newbie to the nursing program. Everyone stared at me. I am also older than most of the other students. I felt so out of place. Also, I am overwhelmed. Everyone else knows the system (if you know what I mean). They know what the instructors look for in care plans and specialty papers. I feel blind. It is a huge class and I feel like I don't belong. I have anxiety issues as it is. I feel so lost. I vowed I would start nursing with all the cofidence I could muster. (I also have confidence issues). I was going to attack this class with gusto. My plan is going down the tubes. I am a successful, working LPN so why do I feel so insuperior to all these kids? The instructors really did not clue me in on what to expect. For example, there are specific worksheet due right after clinical. We had clinical today which was really just an information session. Fortunately, the girl next to me told me about this paper being due. I just do not know what they expect from us. All the other students know what is expected because they went through nursing 1. I know I should try to make friends. I work with a few RN's that tell me to enjoy my school experience. I really want to but I am also very shy. I plan on making an appointment to speak to the instructor to clarify what is expected of me. I guess I really do not need advice. (Although all advice is appreciated). I just wanted to talk. Thanks for listening.


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i think it's smart for you to make an appt with your instructor. they are all different and have their own quirks about them! that was tough for me in school because once i figured out how one of them liked their worksheets and careplans.... i had to take clinicals with a different instructor, lol.

i wish you the best of luck with your continued studies. remember the goal you have set and that you have a wonderful foundation to build on already. just be confident in yourself!

Well...it has been one week and things are going well. I talked to the professor and got some things straightened out. Also, the teacher mentioned that I was new and everyone should be as helpful as possible to me...and they have been. The other students really have come out in force to make me feel comfortable. They have been showing me the paperwork and where the various files and mailboxes are. I can't believe how supportive they have been. We are now working on med passes....hello....I work in LTC....med passes are my forte. I am trying my best to be helpful to the other students in return. Many of them are so nervous. It seems like nursing students are a team. We gotta stick together. Thanks. Colleen

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I'm so glad to see your update. That is just how my experience was at first. I felt like an idiot because I couldn't even find the mailbox to submit my first paper, grrrr but fortunately my fellow students were incredibly gracious and helped me with the logistics of things and I in turn helped them with the things I had experience with. I ended up really enjoying the experience, as much as one can enjoy the perils of NS. :D

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