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I recently accepted a job offer to begin teaching a LPN program. I am very anxious to start teaching but I do not have a ton of experience with LPNs specifically. I graduated with my ASN, BSN, then MSN. So I have never been an LPN and I am having a difficult time finding the LPN scope of practice for Nebraska specifically. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Do instructors carry malpractice?

Where can I find the scope of practice for LPNs in Nebraska?

Any advice on teaching hybrid courses?

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The BON web site is always the best place to start. The practice act and anything specific about the LPN scope of practice will be there. Depending on where you are the LPN board may be separate from the RN board.


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NSO, freq mentioned for , has a special add-on rider for instructors in its policies. So I believe it would be recommended. NSO has been the GO-TO provider for many referrals, so YES, pursue insurance.

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your employer should be able to answer some of these questions. They may be able to offer insurance with a group discount too.