LPN 'schools' in North Carolina?


I have been trying to get into an ADN program at two different community colleges and so far I have struck out. Both say they have over 3000 applicants for 75 and 105 slots. Very disheartening. SO I am looking into an LPN certification as an alternative and for the life of me ... I can't find any school in NC where LPNs are trained.

Am I missing something?


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I am not sure where you live at in NC, but the Community college in Washington, NC has a LPN program. Don't give up...Maybe you could go under search on the net? Good luck


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Fayetteville Technical Community College has a LPN program. Not sure if there is a wait for it. I just wanted to let you know because it is not listed on the All Nursing Schools web site. The address is http://www.faytech.cc.nc.us

Best of luck to you! :)

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I live in Hendersonville, just outside of Asheville. If you are looking for schools in Western North Carolina we have several in this area. Feel free to e-mail me.


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I am currently in an LPN program on the coast of NC. It is at Brunswick Community College. Great school. The only drawback is they only accept 27 applicants out of about 300. Email me if you want info on the school. Good luck & dont give up.

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I live near Winston Salem NC and there is two programs near here, one is at Forsyth Tech and the other is as Surry Community. Someone had also mentioned to me that theres one at Gaston County commmunity college. I am going in this coming fall to Forsyth Tech. No wait list, its a point system based on your classes you have taken and the grades you received.


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:eek: Montgomery Community College has a LPN program. Its in Troy, NC.

Its a 10 month program and then you could do the lpn-rn bridge at SCC.


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Please Guys,

Could you help me with information about LPN schools in North Carolina, especially 12 months / 1 year-long programs. Names and locations will be appreciated.

You can also email me at davidcsmart@hotmail.com



Deiv Smart.


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Please help me with more information about LPN schools in Western NC, with names and locations and phone numbers if possible. Thanks. You can also email me at davidcsmart@hotmail.com.




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Not sure why "schools" is in quotes in the thread title ("LPN 'schools' in North Carolina?"), but here is the list of approved LPN programs from the NC BON website:

North Carolina Board of Nursing

There are plenty of programs in the state.

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