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What is the grading system like in lpn schools? Is it pass/fail during clinicals?

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what is the grading system like in lpn schools? is it pass/fail during clinicals?

it depends on your school i guess. my lpn program had the number grading system based on your performance e.g. 90, 95, 100 being the highest. nobody got 100 in clinicals but i got a couple of 95s. but even if you get 95 in clinicals and you get less than 75 in theory class, you fail that class. you have to pass both theory and clinicals in order to move on. you are able to repeat only one class then you are out of the program if unsuccessful again. if you fail two classes concurrently, you are out. not trying to scare you but this is how usually in nursing school (both lpn & rn).

the skills check off is pass/fail.

good luck with school.

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Here's how the grading went in the LVN program that I attended five years ago:

In the classroom (theory), a score of 78 to 84 was a 'C' grade, 85 to 92 was a 'B' and 93 to 100 resulted in an 'A' grade.

Clinical rotations were graded on a scale of 1 through 4. 1 was unsatisfactory and resulted in a failing grade, 2 was satisfactory and enough to pass, 3 was considered good performance, and 4 was regarded as outstanding. Very few 4s were awarded.

At my school in order to pass you cannot get under an 85 in anything, lecture and clinicals. It was quite an adjustment because I saw myself as a "C" student in high school (maaaaany years ago)

Right now my clinical grade is not so hot because I missed 1 clinical rotation due to a family function out of town and that resulted in two zeros for that day which hurt my semester grade alot. I also notice that daily clinical grades and points vary by instructor, some grade harder than others, even when you think your doing the same from rotation to rotation.

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