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Hi so my wife keeps encouraging me to apply to LPN school. Wife is a newly LPN and have all the respect in the world for LPNs. However, even though being waitlisted at the CC and trying to figure what program's to apply to I can't consider LPN school. The reason isn't because it's LPN school it's the cost. It's $30,000 or more our State only has private LPN training school's. For $30,000 may not be right away can obtain a BSN for that cost.

Should I consider LPN school? Thoughts & feedback.


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WOW, that pricey! Here in TN it's less than 10k. If going for your BSN is the same price I would go for it!

I would not pay that for l.p.n. I would just go for adn or bsn. I'm in florida my program I 6k that's books, uniforms, and supplies included.

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In my area, LV/PN schools that are private cost from $20,000 to $45,000. The community college programs are much cheaper, however, they've been discontinued from many local community colleges, and there is a wait list for them. The wait list is shorter than the RN wait list, but there's no guaranteed entry right away.

I have friends who have defaulted on their loans used to get through LV/PN school. I, myself, have over $50,000 in student loan debt now, which I faithfully pay on every month. So, believe me when I caution you to take out loans only if you know you can afford to repay them.

That all being said, I think that it's important to ascertain the likelihood of finding an LV/PN job that pays enough for you to live and pays enough for you to afford the loan repayment.

In my area, it all penciled out. However, I live in CA which has very decent nurse wages.

The reason I opted to attend an LP/VN program is because I was in a very bad financial situation and very much wanted to become a nurse. I was in and out within 1 year and graduated making enough money to care for my family by myself.