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I got in to the LPN program at the local votech school but I don't start until August 2004. I know the time will go fast but it seems like forever. I did my application last june i had no idea how long it would take to get into the program. I can't wait I'm so excited but i'm going to start working on rn prereqs this fall. I plan to go right on for my rn after lpn school.


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Congratulations on your acceptance to LPN school! :balloons:

I think that taking care of prereqs for the RN program while you're waiting is a wonderful idea. I don't know what is required from your program, but you just may be able to get all of the "extras" out of the way leaving you able to concentrate solely on nursing courses.

Again...congratulations and good luck! :)


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Congratulations!!!!! That's an excellent idea to take your pre-req's now....so that you can concentrate on all your main courses.



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I thought about the LPN program myself; but came to the conclusion that I could complete the RN program and save time.

Why don't you just consider the RN program?

The LPN program is a full day program; you could go to your local community college and complete your prequistes in the same amount of time and you can start now.

Write out your schedule LPN courses vs RN courses see which one you can complete sooner.

(You're going to have to do it anyway if you want to be an RN).

Good luck either way!

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I think that you should get the general courses out of the way while waiting. And as for going straight into RN like someone suggested, there is still going to be a wait especially since you haven't even applied to the program that would start next year. So it is going to take a while either way around. The question is if you really want to do LPN or not. Usually you have to work a year as an LPN before you can bridge over to the ADN program. Check into all of it first. Either way, congradulations for being accepted and I hope you enjoy it.


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To apply all my sciences and maths need to be complete and the more other prereqs I have done the better. With my schedule it would take me 4 semesters 2 years to complete the sciences. I want to get into the nursing field sooner than that. And also have a habit of not finishing things so the faster i get done with something the better. :chuckle I can't afford to spend more than one year away from work and after lpn school I could work part time and make what I make now fulltime giving me more time for school not to mention a more flexiable schedule I work for the county mon-fri 8:30-4:30 I'm a morning person and evening classes are a struggle for me. Lpn is the best choice for me.


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