LPN to RN? or wait til RN school starts? what is the fastest path to RN?


i got accepted into the LPN program, starting in spring 09. but i really want to be an RN. should i go ahead with the LPN program (and then do the LPN to RN bridge) or wait to see if i get accepted for the fall 09 RN?


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Can you give us some more info? i.e.What is your GPA? How many slots are available in the program? What has been the avg gpa that this program has for the students they admit? What do you think that you chances are?

If your GPA is high and you don't have an immediate need to work and make a decent wage, I would go for the RN but to some degree it is a gamble.

If your GPA is 3.3 and under and/or you have an immediate need to work, ie you can't wait to complete a 2yr program as you need to made an adequate wage now, go for the LPM.


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LPN program - takes 40 each spring and fall

RN program - takes 125 each fall

my gpa is a 3.7, but i wont have ap2 and micro done before my app for RN school is done. those will be the only 2 prereqs i will lack tho.

i dont have to work, my parents support me.

im not sure how i stack up against other people competing for rn school. i do plan to study my butt off the entire xmas break (1 month) for the net exam in january. so hopefully i will do good on that if i study everyday for a month.


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Does the RN program require that AP2 and micro be completed to send in the ap? I will tell you that almost all of the RN programs in my area require that AP2 be completed. Some require micro and some don't.

Your GPA seems high enough but if your program requires that those 2 classes be completed in order to apply, then I don't see how you would get into the RN program.

Could you clarify this part please? My grandma use to say that a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Another option for you to consider would be to accept the LPN program and seeing that you seem to be very judicious about studying and focused, take the AP2 and Micro during this time and transition immediately after your LPN license into the RN program.


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Since you have an acceptance to the LPN program now that's the one I would go with. You can easily bridge to a RN program when you're done and have the ability to support yourself by working in field while you get your RN.

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