LPN to RN path choice affect on financial aid


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I have been working as a LPN for the past two years and I'm getting ready to return to school to pursue my RN education.I am exploring all paths to RN.I have heard that in other fields,having an associates degree has made it harder to be awarded student loans if one wishes to pursue a bachelors degree.Is this the case in nursing?Does anyone have any suggestions or advice regarding financial aid?

I am single and must work while I attend school.


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As long as you haven't exceeded 150% of your financial aid for your program, you will still be eligible for financial aid for the associates in nursing as well as a bachelors if you choose to continue. But for me, I was taking bachelors program classes in an anticipation of transferring but eventually decided to just do LPN. Ive exceeded the Rule and won't be eligible for aid until I am accepted into a bachelors program so it varies from person to person.


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I wasn't able to get student loans for my bridge program because my LPN program was 60 something college credits, and I had gotten my associates degree.

I had not capped out the financial aid, but I had too many college credits between the AA and the LPN, sonit disqualified me.

Financial aid isn't just about whether you've used too much money. I only had $10,000 in student loans when they denied me because of the too many credits issue.

You'll have to get with your FA office and have them look at what you've got to see if you'll qualify according to their SAP requirements.

I ended up paying out of pocket for my bridge program. It was a bit over 6k for the year and I made monthly payments. They were usually around $400 a month.

Good luck!


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If you are working as an LPN see if your job does tuition reimbursement. On top of the accumulation of financial aid they have payment plans,your institution has scholarships which is free money. Some nurses go into the articulation Lon to Rn program and come out quicker with the AS degree.you can then get employed and go back to do your RN to BSN and there are plenty of workforce shortage scholarships that provide financial help in your state.