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LPN to RN online


Has 21 years experience.

I have been an LPN for 19 years and am 3/4 way finished with RN program but due to circumstances beyond my control I need to finish RN online. I live in the Finger lakes region of NY. Please give me some suggestions on where to go to complete my RN training by May 2010. Want to take the NCLEX in June or July 2010.:nurse:

Am sure you mean June or July of 2011, not 2010. Your best bet is Excelsior, but even so, you may not be able to finish that quickly. It takes about nine months minimum to complete their program, although some have done it in as little as six months.


Has 21 years experience.

Thank-you for your reply. Yes I did mean 2011. Time sure goes quickly. When I graduate from Excelsior and sit for my NCLEX, Will my RN license be accepted in all states? I heard other wise.