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I am currently a LPN working full time. I am looking to hopefully start an online bridge program to become a RN. I do not know where to start or what the best and legit online schools are. Please Help!

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I am in the same situation. I cant quit my job I am a single mom and work full time. I can't find any online schools. I am frustrated and heartbroken. Excelsior isn't taking applications from GA.

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Yes, do let me know. I was thinking about going back to the community college where I got my practical nurse diploma. I've been working as a discipline office nurse at the high school, but you can't get a regular school nurse slot without an RN and with the COVID closures I've been out of work (they only need me if students are in the buildign).


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I think your local cc is the best place to start although it can be quite competitive in some areas. I went to a technical school for my lpn but I had many RN prereqs done already but had to do some sciences over due to them expiring. I graduated with my lpn dec ‘19 and started my local cc’s RN program in May. This is the most cost effective option with me paying out of pocket. I do know Indiana state university has a lpn to BSN program though.