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Is there anyone out there who has graduated from University of Phoenix LPN to BSN programs or done their BSN through them? I am in the beginning stages of looking into this program. So far it looks... Read More

  1. by   keike5579
    does UOP require LVN to work any length of time before they can apply to the LVN to BSN program?
  2. by   erniebobernie
    I believe so. I think it is either 6 mos or one year. I'll double check and post again when I know for sure.
  3. by   erniebobernie
    Just found out that they postponed the beginning of our program. It was to begin on Tuesday June 19th! :angryfire Not sure what is going on yet.......
  4. by   kleids
    I am a lpn and my wife has her bsn. The schools are backed up in Michigan and am considering lpn to bsn through UOP. We are willing to relocate as long as I get into a program. If someone could tell me more about UOP lpn to bsn I would greatly appreciate it. I was curious as to where exactly they have this particular program, whether it is approved by all states, what accreditation they have, and why the program was postponed in Colorado and whether it is to continue there. Thank you so much in advance!
  5. by   pnstudent007
    Please keep us updated. Im about to begin LPN program and im really considering this school.
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    excelsior is fully accredited by the nln and the board of nurses in new york. if there are extra requirements it is because of your state not ec. most states do not have additional requirements. the cpne is not clinical , it is evaluation of your clinical skills...big difference.you must have extensive clinical knowledge to pass the cpne.

    Quote from tazee
    hi i also checked out excelsior college out of new york. they are not as accredited as they say. in colorado you have to do 350 hours of perceptorship plus the cpne thing. i hear trying to get clinicals are not as easy as they say. there is a wait for getting the cpne. i also heard you have to be on your toes for that. any mistakes could cost you more money and time as well. i still like uop hopefully i will start with them soon by january of 2008.. have a great day :spin: