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I have been accepted into the online LPN to RN program at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. If anyone is attending or is going to please share your thoughts and tips with me. I have no idea... Read More

  1. by   297you
    Jen159...I don't know how to contact you, and also have a million questions for you. My orientation for Rio's online LPN to RN program is 10/29/10. I think I call Rio once a week with a new question. I just thought it would be great to have an actual contact that has done the program. Can you tell me how to email/contact you?
  2. by   OhioLPN_2003
    Can someone give me information on how the clinicals go through Rio. I will be beginning clinicals in Summer 2011 starting with NUR 21404. Any information on this class and the following classes for the online LPN-RN bridge program would be greatly appreciated.
  3. by   297you
    To looks like we are in the same class! I don't start until the 2nd eight weeks of this semester, or course number 14606. I was just wondering if you've already started classes or what all you have found out! Anxiety it setting in...but I'm ready to get finished!!!
  4. by   tainted1972
    I am currently in 13606 .. so far so good, it is moving pretty fast. I have already taken one test and I feel pretty good about it.
    How were you able to get out of taking 13606?
  5. by   OhioLPN_2003
    To 297you: I have already taken 13606 and 14606. For me 14606 seemed to be a little tougher than 13606. I had some personal issues and I had to withdrawal from the program. I had to file an exemption of policy to get back in to the program. I will be starting back with the summer semester. What part of Ohio do you live in. I am really excited to get back into it and finish this degree
  6. by   OhioLPN_2003
    tainted1972- Just wondering how your liking 13606? I can't wait to start clinicals in May. Hope classes are going good for you.
  7. by   tainted1972
    The class is moving by fairly quickly, I am almost done with the discussion board posts, so I will be able to focus on the last 3 exams. I feel pretty good about things, just anxious to be done already! LOL
  8. by   297you
    I live in Perry County Ohio, but work in Columbus. I will probably going to Chillicothe for clinicals (I hope). I didn't have to take 13606 because of pathophysiology and extra biology classes I had to take at Hocking College. I'm getting nervous as 14606 approaches in 4 weeks!!! Where are you two from???
  9. by   OhioLPN_2003
    I live in Lawrence County. It's at the very bottom of Ohio. I found 14606 a bit more challenging for me than 13606. But my professor was awesome and that helped the nervousness for Good luck in 14606
  10. by   greybird2011
    Please help. I am currently in the nursing program 13606 and it is becoming more difficult to me. I thought that there would be study guides but there is nothing. They give you about a hundred or so pages to read and 50 questions to test.
    I wish there was someone who could help me with this. I am barely passing. Please if you can give me any tips or study material I would really be thankful.
    my email-
  11. by   GamerGirL337
    I was looking into Rio Grande as a second option if i don't get into OU: southern. But the website is impossible to navigate, and when I click on the ADN program info, it brings up the accelerated LPN/ADN program...which is NOT what I want....

    I am looking at the ADN program, im not an LPN, so where do i go to look for more info? Should i call them to find out more?

    I seen someone say they require a 90% on the hesi? I got a 93.4% but i didn't have to take Chemistry or Biology so i don't know if thats a requirement for them?

    I have all of the pre req's except for A&PII and Micro. so how would the course load be?

    I have like a ton! of questions, so any help is appreciated!
  12. by   tainted1972
    Rio Grande is very good at answering questions if you call them. I am an LPN attending the LPN to RN program.
  13. by   samantha.allen58
    I am starting @ Rio Grande this fall for the LPN to RN program, does anyone have books, or uniforms they would like to sell????
    If anyone is willing to give me tips for the program it would be greatly appreciated!!!!