st. philips, san antonio tx

  1. Hello,
    I hear that St. Philips is on probation. What exactly does this mean to anyone applying or planning to apply? is there any chance that we get in, take some classes and are not able to take the NCLEX? Is anyone applying for spring?
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  3. by   Marisela01
    I' really don't know
  4. by   tricialynn78
    I just graduated from the LVN program in December and we were told that we would have to just keep checking in with the Nursing dept to apply for the ADN program. I know that they are on probation bc the students were at 71% pass rate and It needs to be at least 80% pass rate in order for them to get the program back. Only thing I can say is to give them a call and see if they are accepting applications. If not you can also try SAC. I know that the SAC program is really hard to get into, but I also know they produce really good Rn's. I would recommend SAC rather than SPC just since they have better pass rates. I think SPC needs to get new instructors!!!!
  5. by   futurenurse00
    hi, anyone that has from St phillips Lvn program, what is on the accuplacer test, and do you have to score high to get in the program. Thanks
  6. by   HouTx
    Previous poster is correct - schools must maintain at least an 80% NCLEX pass rate and St P has not met that goal. You can check out pass rates for all schools at the Tx BON site
  7. by   fourthquarter
    The LVN program in not on probation. It is only the LVN to ADN program. So, if are interested in the LVN program, you can still apply. I am currently completing the LVN program with the New Braunfels class (St. Philips). They have an extension program in NB, but only for the LVN. It is a great program and they have a 100% pass rate and have maintained that for many years. It is a smaller class size, I think 20 is the max. But, the director is GREAT. She is tough and expects you to know your stuff, but since I am planning to go straight into some form of RN transition program, I really appreciate how much I am learning now..even if I am running on lack of sleep! LOL. Good luck to you!!