RN year really harder than LPN year?

  1. I just graduated in May from my first year of nursing school (the LPN year) and I will start the RN year in August. All last year our instructors told us how much harder the RN part was and told us how "easy" we really have it. Basically they had the attitude of "you think this is hard, just wait until next year. you have no idea what hard is". Although I did really well in all my LPN classes, these comments still have me a little nervous. I know every school is different, but I am curious what others have heard or experienced. I have heard that the second year basically goes more in depth over everything we learned the first year and we learn a few more skills. It makes me wonder how it could possibly be harder. What are other people's opinions?
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    Totally agree, much tougher, more is expected of you, you will be caring for more complex patients. The use of critical thinking and linking of cause/effect of the body systems is so much more difficult. Good luck.
  5. by   amjowens
    I just finished my first semester of RN school, and find it much easier than PN school. I know how to think like a nurse and how to answer test questions, not to mention I learned how to study. I love the science aspect-the physiology, etc., and wanted to get more into that during PN school...I'm getting to in RN school. Yeah, everything is more in-depth, and the nursing process is a lot more in-depth too, but I think a lot depends on how tough your PN program was (mine was crazy-difficult, with expectations for perfection even MORE than RN school, as there was more instructor involvement since a much smaller sized class).