Quick LPN to RN bridge?

  1. I live in upstae NY and have had my lpn for about 4 months and I am currently working 32 hours a week at a LTC. I am looking for a quick LPN to RN. Ive heard horror stories about Excelsior so that route I am really not looking for. I want some kind of clinical experience. I am willing to travel to NYC if its a faster route ie. 12-15 months start to finish max! I would also like to have the ability to go back and get my BSN.

    my local options are Mount Saint Marys local Community Colleges ( about 4 w/in traveling distance Dutchess, Orange/Ulster, Columbia/Greene, Westchester) Pace college.

    Has anyone attended some of the LPN to RN excellirated programs in NYC? Helene Fuld College (concered with credits not transferring to get BSN or Masters)

    Anything out of state thats super fast 12-15 months start to finish.

    Any info would great.
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  3. by   Kimynurse
    I have had friends go to Helene Fuld, they liked the program, and are not having a problem with credits transferring for BSN, and by the way Helene Fuld now has a RN to BSN program.

    Good luck