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Hi, I'm already taking pre-reqs at the College and was planning to apply for the ADN program in about a year or so...now people are telling me that it would be better to first go to school to become... Read More

  1. by   cherryfairy39
    I have a question if I recently received a B.N.S. from the facualty of Nursing Science at an international university what jobs am I able to apply for in the US while waiting to get my license? If I have any misunderstandings please tell me. So confused about what I should do next!
  2. by   RNinSoCal
    Hello. You should look at posts in the international nurses section. I have no idea what the rules are for working in the US but I think you have to have your license before getting a job. People who are currently going through the process of immigration will know how to answer you questions. best of Luck.
  3. by   RNinSoCal
    When I was applying for nursing school everyone told me to become a CNA first to get a foot in the door and gain hospital experience. I skipped the advice and went straight for the BSN RN. It was the right decision for me. If you know what you want, go for it. It will be a long process no matter which route you take so you might as well get what you want. There is no "wrong route" in becoming a nurse.
    It is true that some hospitals are phasing out LVN/LPN positions. The hospital I work for no longer hires LVN outside of the SNF section. The LVNs still here were hired before the policy and can work until they retire. It is hard on med/surg to cover an LVN for IV meds when all post ops have IV antibiotics and IV push pain meds. The LVNs here are great, they are knowledgeable and hard working and it is only their licenses that have limitations.
    Whatever you do, best of luck. You can do it!!
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  4. by   nedrager
    RN all the way baby. I did the LVN thing first only b/c I didn't have all my pre-reqs and I was chomping at the bit. In hindsight that was stupid. I should've just gone to my local JC and took that last class then I would've been in the following semester. That was 1996. It's now 2006 and I just passed the NCLEX in 2004. In theory LVN to RN should be a quick step, however, when you start working as an LVN you get distracted. Bills, mortage, kids...life. The fact is, most LVN's (that want to step-up) don't do it. Go RN and don't look back...
  5. by   Burnt2
    RN all the way; LPN roles are limited
  6. by   CT Pixie
    As you see from the posts, everyone has their own opinion on which route to take. For some the direct route to RN was what was in their best interest and for others the LPN-->RN route was.

    For me personally, the LPN-->RN is the best route to take. I am attending a 15mth LPN school. After that I can bridge to RN entering the the beginning of the 2nd yr in a 2 yr program. In all actuality, I am going to get my RN in just around the same time as those who did the RN directly. BUT I can work and bring in some $ as an LPN while doing the RN degree. I can pick and choose my hours while doing so and I'll have some experience under my belt before entering the RN program.

    Also, its much easier for an LPN to get into the RN program around here.

    But each person has to evaluate their lives and needs. And in the end its whats best for you and your family. Your friends/peers don't live your life and don't know whats best for you. You do what you want/need to do. Best of luck in your persue of Nursing :spin: