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I spoke to the teacher at the local community college today in Orange County and she said no one is hiring LVN's these days, especially not in hospitals. She said the LVN's we see at hospitals are... Read More

  1. by   joesgirllvn
    I am in Anaheim! So do you do Peds Home Health?
  2. by   raekaylvn
    Yes. I love when I get Peds cases. Most of my cases now are adult and geriatric though. Kids heal fast. We just picked up CHOC's referrals. The Peds cases are expected to shoot through the roof!
  3. by   joesgirllvn
    I think I may know what's going on with the messaging. I think you have to post 15 times before you can private message. You don't pay for this site do you?
    Well I hope I have luck with the company you are with. They hired you as a new grad??
  4. by   raekaylvn
    No I dont... the 15 post thing makes sense. They hired me as a new grad. I didnt think anyone would. But they did.
  5. by   joesgirllvn
    Did you just go to HR and drop off resume? Sorry for all the questions. I just am frustrated with things at the moment!
  6. by   raekaylvn
    Haha dont worry about all the questions, its fine! No, I actually sent mine through email. I heard about them through craigslist.
  7. by   joesgirllvn
    Ok, Thanks! I don't have much to do tomorrow, so I might just drop by. Thanks so much for all your help! Hey have you considered Indiana State University for LVN-BSN?
  8. by   raekaylvn
    I have, but I cant do online classes. I lack the discipline. I looked into West Coast, but its too expensive. What I'll probably do is finish all my pre-reqs at a CC then transfer to a 4 year. Out here, the better schools with the highest pass rates are CSULB and CSULA. Ill be mving to Sacramento though, so now I gotta do more research lol.
  9. by   Gypsykat911
    Okay. I work in a Hospital setting and have worked in nothing but hospitals since being an LVN. I guess it just depends on the location of where you are at.
  10. by   joesgirllvn
    Ya I am sure it depends where you live! They do hire them in CA, but I think most hospitals want you to have a few years of experience.
  11. by   Debsikins
    I live in MN and worked at a hospital clinic as a Cert. Medical Ass't. When I got my LPN, they did not take anymore LPN's so I found a homecare position with pediatrics and I love it. A lot of the LPN's in the hospital took on a HUC job so they didn't lose their pension and 401K. I did not want to do that, I enjoy patient care. I believe the hospitals are replacing LPNS with PCA's who are LPN's and RN's in their clinicals, at least my hospital is doing that.